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Back in Business

News Links with Google is now back in operation. The links will be updated every weekday.

Instant Replay is also up and running. The replay section will be updated each Sunday.

Ask the Expert, where you email your choice of writer to deal with your question, debuts today. Send your questions to your expert and receive a personal reply. Later, the best questions will be published, but we won't mention your name without your permission.

Spotlights, where you submit information about yourself that you think would be of interest to other sports' officials, resulted from our thought that it's time we offered an arena for officials to do a little bragging on themselves. There's a non-intrusive questionnaire to fill out. Example: What's the best piece of officiating advice you ever received? Later, we'll ask for a photo.

Hits and Errors is open for business. We'll allow you to complain about what we're doing wrong or compliment  us about what we're doing right. We'll even publish your email when you're angry about what someone else is doing wrong. If you're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore, here's your chance to be heard.

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