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The Good Just Got Better

ubscribe for a year of for $49.95. In the last 12 months we published 525 articles. So your subscription comes out to 9 Ĺ cents per article.

Thatís great!

If you had been a two-year subscriber ($89.95: Thatís 10% off the one-year price), for 1073 articles you would have paid about 8 cents apiece.

As Frank Abagnale Jr (Leo DiCaprio) says in Catch Me if You Can, "Even better!"

Almost as good as it gets

There's more.

Subscribe for one year and get a coupon worth $25 toward any products you buy from the store. Note that this is not an offer of $25 off. Itís a coupon worth instant money. You could add the BRD to your shopping cart and still have $3.05 credit toward another purchase.

Plus free shipping and handling (same day first class). Thatís another gift worth $6.95.

Thereís even more!

Subscribe for two years and the coupon doubles in value. Thatís $50 instant money. Example: Choose the BRD, 51 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game, and pre-order The Usual Suspects, due out in early August. At regular prices youíd owe $136.80, plus $12.95 shipping and handling. Pay $89.95, get the three books, and have $3.15 left over.

Shipping and handling is still free!

Naturally the $25 and $50 coupons are good toward any products: Baseball Umpire Mechanics (CD); or Live Ball/Dead Ball in Basketball (book by Jim Dixon); or Be a Lead! (video by Dave Libby).

Pretty close to as good as it gets

There's still more ó of course.

Unlike the special offers of print magazines (First-time subscribers to Sports Illustrated get a free tote bag, for example), our special offer applies not only to new subscribers but renewals as well.

"My subscription has 6 months to run!" you moan. "The offer might not still be around."

No problem. Renew now to take advantage of the offer, and we'll simply tack on 12 or 24 months to the time remaining in your subscription.


For the disbelieving, hereís the official, legal skinny from the Shop:

One or two readers may still not be convinced: "Why are you being so good to us?"

The answer is simple: We're so proud of our magazine, we want to share it with an even wider audience. After much research, our marketing director calculated this is best way to do that.

The editorial staff heartily concurs.

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